History of the school museum

The beginning of our adorable School Museum dates back in 2003. The headmaster of this project – Alexander Gutarev, was chosen by The School Administration. The leading purpose is to create expositions of the museum that will save the memory. During the 2003-2004 the team of historical club had done such a hard work, that is why 6th May was brightly celebrated as final opening, which was confirmed by the headmaster of Lenin’s district, the hero of Russia – Stankevich I.V. and the hero of USSR – Safonov F.M.. Sergey Yakovlev had a chance to show the first excursion; At the start of the museum’s life, Alexander Velikanov worked hard to search and wrote the main business of this project. No less benefit was contributed by Svetlana Pustobaeva (the manager of museum’s activity), excursion’s guide – Svetlana Luk’yanenko and Anastasia Vdovina, Ekaterina Semyonova accounted for expositions.

The museum of Samara’s school 12 has taken not the only extra curriculum educating direction, but it is collaborative activity as well, which includes searching and sharing of informative sources, values that bring us up as a public-civil interested people. Museum searches give a fascinating opportunity to our students to broaden common knowledge level, that is awesome for the nowadays generation. The Museum of our school is the foundation of the school development curriculum. The school’s projects are the main aspect of our work, it has given our students a chance to flash on the national event called ‘Education’ that was won by our team. No less important is the project ‘Worthy citizens of a Great country’. The main work is focused on the history of our School 12, it worths to note, that it is the oldest one in the city. The 2008 year was not less successful, as the museum was awarded at the country wide competition of the best patriotic education. Since it opened in 2004 year, step by step has become the best school history centre of our town ever! We try our best to save ‘old days’ to have it published in our projects. We only consider such idea: ‘There is no one born winner, winner is grown through tough path!’.

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